What is the best beginner mandolin?

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best beginner mandolin


What is the best beginner mandolin?

 If you have recently caught the mandolin bug, you may be wondering what the best beginner mandolin is. While some folks recommend an F-style mandolin (especially for bluegrass), in the lower price ranges it’s generally a good idea to go with an a style.

 In addition to the mandolin, you also need a few accessories. These include a strap, a tuner, and possibly a book or CD to learn. It may also be of interest to have an extra pack of strings on hand. And lastly a case for your mandolin will help protect it when not in use or traveling.

You may be wondering what the differences are between the various mandolins. Most mandolins use similar construction techniques and materials. The differences are often in the more subtle details. Our goal here is to point you in the direction toward a mandolin that will work very well for you. While the best beginner mandolin can be a little bit different for each person. We will list what we feel are the best models for a beginning player.

Many of our mandolins are sold as packages. These mandolin packages are great value for the beginning player. It allows you get started with everything you need for one low price.

 Mandolin is a beautiful instrument. They are also very versatile instruments. Mandolins are used for everything from classical to bluegrass and lots of styles in between. Most mandolins are acoustic, though you can get them with pickups as well. All of The Loar Mandolins are a available with optional pickups factory installed.

Buying a beginner’s mandolin can be a difficult experience for first timers. This doesn’t mean it has to be expensive! You do not have to spend a lot of money to get a nice beginner mandolin.

 One of the first factors beginner will come up is the budget.  It can be tempting to get a bargain instrument. Just be careful whether or not it actually is a bargain, as many are not.

 Many mandolin players come from guitar. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be very familiar with guitars and their features. Some of this does apply to mandolin. Most fretted instruments have similarities. In some ways, you can think of the mandolin as a small guitar, with differences being of course the size, the tuning, and the fact that mandolins are usually archtop instruments while most guitars are flattop. Guitar players usually prefer mandolins with larger frets. Many mandolins use small frets and may feel uncomfortable to a guitarist. The Loar Mandolins use larger fretwork than most mandolins.

 There are some very good yet affordable beginner mandolins available. What you are looking for is a good tone, nice playability, and the ability to stay in tune. Some new mandolins come with the bridge not installed. It would be a good idea to ask seller about this before purchasing.

All of our mandolins come with the bridge setup and ready to play.

 The Loar Mandolins represent the best value for your money. As a beginner, you can look at the Grassroots series. This includes  The LM-170 and the  LM-370. Both of these mandolins feature solid carved spruce tops and quality Grover tuners. They also come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

 If you have a little more money, and jump up to the LM-220 LM-520 prefer the F style.

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